Christian Aloi (aka ALUÀ)

Born in Catanzaro, Calabria. Creating socially-aware artwork on the streets of Milan and London

2018 Human Nature

A theme of man versus nature. Nature creates beauty and life, and man dirties and destroys it. It's a sad fact of human nature. Alua holds strong views about protection for the environment and ask us to question our role in the challenge.

Queste sono opere miste, ma si possono ricollocare in un tema che è uomo e natura, la natura che crea bellezza e vita e l'uomo che sporca e distrugge...


2017 Socially Aware

With this collection Christian has explored various socio-economic themes of our times; human migration, drug addiction, mental health issues, freedom to love, natural disasters etc.

Aluà accepts that there are challenges that face humanity, but he has a positive view on things.


2017/2018 Street Art - Milan & London

Take yourself on a street art trail around Milan or London to find the works by Aluà...

London - Hackney

Milan - All over! Start in NOLO and work your way towards Porta Venezia...

- Via Giuseppe Giacosa (all around the Parco ex Trotter)

- Via Padova

- Via Giulio Giacoma e Corrado Venini

- Via Luigi Settembrini

- Via Lecco

2017 Street Art at Home

Bringing the pink people from the street into the home...

An exhibition of original mixed media paintings at LeccoMilano, Milan

All the paintings were created on canvas using Aluà's typical street art style


2017 Humanity: Good or Bad?

An ongoing series of work exploring the frailties and weaknesses of humanity




Press - Christian Aloi (Aluà)

2017 June Progetto Buonastrada Federazione Nazionale Arti in Strada, Italy

2017 May The Way Magazine, Milan

2017 May Arte e Società, Milan

2017 May La Repubblica newspaper, Italy

2017 April MiTomorrow, Milan

2016 October Il Mattino, Milan

2016 July Gazette Del Mezzogiorno

2016 February Il Quotidiano del Sud, Italy

Biography - Christian Aloi (Aluà)

1987 November Born in Catanzano, Calabria (Italy)

Self Taught Artist

2016 May Winner: Veni, Vidi, Dipinsi...Rogliano 2 (LiberalAmente!) (2nd Edition)

2015 December Winner: Best Composition 'Charm of Art' exhibition

Exhibitions - Christian Aloi (Aluà)


2017 July Sagome Spazio NOLO 43, Milan

2017 June WANTED Ghe Pensi, Milan

2017 June Love Is Love Mono, Milan

2017 May StreetArt@Home LeccoMilano, Milan

2017 April Humanity: Good Or Bad? 3.0 OnionSoup75 Factory Café, Milan

2017 February Humanity: Good Or Bad? 2.0 Blanco, Milan

2016 December Humanity: Good Or Bad? Mono, Milan

2016 August Fiume Rock Festival

2016 February Local Popular Museum, Catanzaro


2017 June Illustrious Illustration John White Framing, London

2017 March Ruggero II Mondadori, Palermo, Sicily

2017 January Art Expertise Firenze Galleria Merlino, Florence, Italy

2016 October Art Apartments London

2017 July EcstraArte, Italy

2015 December Charm of Art Sheraton Hotel, Catania, Sicily

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