David Porteous-Butler

David’s work reveals an honest and direct affinity with his subject that is driven by his love of the natural world. He has a passion for the vitality of the landscape and changing light around him. 

David studied in London under the late Sir Kyffin Williams RA and Anthony Green RA before being offered a place at the Royal College of Art. He is truly a protégé of, and remained close to Sir Kyffin Williams RA throughout his latter years, sharing his fundamental belief that drawing and draughtsmanship are a vital part of the artist’s craft. He has painted and exhibited constantly for decades in his ongoing quest to capture the perfect scene.


Suffolk provides much inspiration and the English countryside is a true love, although he has also worked in Southern Europe including prolonged periods in France and Italy. A recent trip to New Zealand inspired David to produce a series of magnificent paintings capturing the dramatic geological forms. 

Working with a limited palette, he is faithful to the truth in what he sees. 

Like his mentor, David has a passion for the vitality of the landscape and changing light around him.

The Female Form

Before devoting his life to being a full time visual artist, David worked in the fashion business as a very successful designer. This period heightened his awareness of shape and form of the female figure and the peculiarities of flesh and fabric, which he was happily able to apply when he returned to his true vocation as a painter.

Seascapes & Coastal Scenes

Displaying the skills required to portray realistic and believable movement, particularly the diverse textures of water, whether turbulent waves or a silky smooth river reveal David as a true master of his craft. Here you can see him take on the challenges of sea, lake, river and fjord. 

Pure Figurative Work

David has a keen observational eye and is able to capture fleeting moments of everyday life, human and animal interraction within the context of real environments and situations. The behaviours he portrays are universal and familar and therefore evoke memories of our own experiences. 

Italian Scenes

Although David has travelled extensively around the world, one place place draws him back time and again as a source of inspiration for his painting...

David's passion for capturing the play of light is given full expression in these vibrant and warm compositions.

Town & Cityscapes

Having settled in Suffolk in 1978, David has spent many years surrounded by rural life and the ever changing light of the seasons. However, he is no stranger to the city scene - David was born in North London in 1945 and his childhood was spent in and around Highgate. David manages to captures the unique atmosphere of the places he visits.

New self portrait painting by David Porteous-Butler
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

David was one of 20 artists selected to paint the Diamond Jubilee river pageant to celebrate the sixty year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Filmed by the BBC, the unique art event was viewed by millions as the valiant artists attempted to capture the historic moment - whilst being lashed by rain and wind.

Painting 'live' from the Millennium Bridge was a once in a lifetime opportunity but the weather didn't lend itself to the best immediate results. Fortunately, David took plenty of photogtaphs and was able to complete a series of magnificent paintings back in his studio. Click the image to read more...

Selected Exhibitions / Artist Timeline


2016 February, Clarendon Fine Art, Cobham

2015 May, Clarendon Fine Art, Queen Mary II

2014 October, Buckenham Galleries, Southwold

2014 June, Albany Gallery, Cardiff

2014 January, David Porteous-Butler, Clarendon Fine Art, London

2005, June, John Stevens Fine Art, Hadleigh

2004 July, Quayside Gallery, Woodbridge


2018 May, A Tribute to Kyffin, Albany Gallery, Cardiff 

2017 January, Albany Gallery, Cardiff

2017 January, Places I Know, Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

2016 December, Winter Exhibition, Mandell's Gallery, Norwich

2016 July, Summer Exhibition, Highgate Contemporary Art, London

2016 May, Spring Collection, Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

2016 April, Albany Gallery, Cardiff

2015 December, Christmas Exhibition, Mandell's Gallery, Norwich

2015 July, Summer Show, Mandell's Gallery, Norwich

2015 January, Living For The City, Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

2014 August, Summer Exhibition, Clarendon Fine Art, London

2013 September, Gallery Steiner, Vienna

2013 June, Mixed Show, Clarendon Fine Art, London

2013 January, Rural Wales, Albany Gallery, Cardiff

2010 November, Kyffin Williams Pupil Artwork, Cholmeleian Society Highgate School

2007 April, The Great Art Fair, The Show Piers, New York

2006 November, The Great Art Fair, Alexandra Palace, London

2006 February, John Stevens Fine Art, Hadleigh

2005 October, John Stevens Fine Art, Hadleigh

2005 September, Ainscough Gallery, London

2005 May, Art Mondiale, Avignon

2004 November, John Stevens Fine Art, Hadleigh

2004 October, Buckenham Galleries, Southwold

2004 July, John Stevens Fine Art, Hadleigh

2003 June, John Stevens Fine Art, Hadleigh - 1st professional exhibition

1978 Moved to Suffolk

1970's Worked Phillip Ardizzone & Tim Holding at Colchester Art School

1964 Hornsey Art School, London

1958-1963 Studied with Kyffin Williams RA & Anthony Green RA at Highate School, London

1945 Born in Marylebone, London

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