Where are you based?

White City Gallery is currently an online gallery with a base in White City, London. Apart from pop-up exhibitions and special events there is no permanent physical gallery space at present. All stock is currently held in London (UK) or Milan (Italy). Artwork viewings can be arranged by appointment at your home or office, or at the White City Gallery 'HQ'.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, please just get in touch to discuss shipping and delivery options. An additional charge is made for packing and delivery. Prices shown do not include postage and packing fees, which are determined by the size, weight and other factors such as destination, speed of delivery and type of contents of the package.
How long will my order take to arrive?
This depends on what you are purchasing, the origin and destination of the item.
Is it posible to see artwork in person?
Yes. Please get in touch to discuss options.
What is your data protection policy?
We take your privacy and security seriously. When you subscribe, we only hold very basic contact details for you so that we can keep you informed of our updates, special offers and art news. We will never sell or share your details with third parties. If you no longer wish to receive our occasional emails, it is easy to opt-out: simply click the 'unsubscribe' link which is attached to the bottom of every email we send. This will take effect immediately - you will no longer receive emails from us, unless you opt back in. No hard feelings. 
We are not interested in bombarding you with annoying unwanted emails, so the more specific information you can provide us wth regarding what you are interested in / looking for art-wise, the better we can help you and inform you. Feedback is always appreciated.

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