Maurizio Lo Castro

Born in Sicily. Studied in Milan. Creating in Patmos (Greece), Taormina and Milan

I Tesori di Nettuno - 2017/2018

Returning to his studio on the Greek island of Patmos, Maurizio has embarked on a new collection of work based loosely around the concept of 'Neptune's Treasures'.

Working in fine porcelain and mostly with heads / busts, these new creations are a continuation of the evolution of the 'Teste di Moro' of his beloved homeland, Sicily.

These images show 'works in progress' and should not be judged as fully-realised artworks, but it is already evident that the quality of the pieces is higher than ever...

2nd Skin - 2016/2017

With this collection Maurizio wanted to explore the BDSM world, its codes and its symbolism. His playful and provocative approach arouses our curiosity and fear of those who are strangers, and highlights the contrast between amusement and the desire to amaze. The works border on the worlds of fashion and design and originate from a broader research on mutations both physical and costume, themes of eroticism, camouflage, roles and conventions. The unique pieces explore the different aspects of dimorphism and perception. These masks are like wearing a second skin that amplifies feelings and roles and liberates identities.


Totems and Sicily - 2016

The idea for this project came from a period spent working in a restoration lab where wooden and antique fragments were waiting for a new life and so a composition game started. New works were created which join regional & traditional subjects together using conservation techniques such as gilding and lac. This is a deep exploration of combining & adjusting existing parts and the creation of new forms, harmony, proportion and patinas. Totems incorporate similar elements individually or in conflict generating more and different meanings. Each object is made with several individual parts from its mold or from a specifically selected collection of different objects/fragments.

Sicilian Pop Baroque - 2014

A reinterpretation of Sicilian history and of Maurizio's rich cultural roots. By peeling back the layers of ancient folklore, traditions and mythology, Maurizio is confronting us with the beauty that still remains all around in Sicily today but which our contemporary eyes are not be seeing.

Working with porcelain, iron, stucco, resins, silver leaf and and recycled materials the artist has brought the traditional art of ceramic Sicilian 'teste de moro' up to date. Bright colours catch the eye and force us to look again and respect the treasures we have inherited from the past.

Petra Beach Lamps - 2004...

Living on the island of Patmos amplifies the senses, enhancing your relationship with nature and with the other inhabitants. Every resource there is precious and deserves attention. Rainwater is collected thanks to a new dam, electricity is generated by two new wind turbines, 'waste' materials such as wood, iron and plastic are collected, waiting for a possible future use. By re-using light, transaprent, locally 'found' materials, such as resins, glass fiber and PET plastic bottles, a project was born. Since 2004 Maurizio has created bright objects that relate to the forms of organisms invisible to the naked human eye, such as bacteria, plancton and pollen.

In Situ

These images provide a better understanding of the scale of the artworks in context with real life environments. Please enquire for specific dimensions, weights and technical details.


After attending his humanities studies in Sicily, Maurizio completed his training at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan. He then worked for several years at The Swatch Lab of Milan as graphic and industrial designer. He continued his path as Art Director at Fullsix, a global communications agency.

In 2004 he moved to Patmos, an Aegean island, opening up a creative workshop to operate outside of patterns and cultural stereotypes that no longer felt as his own.

He now splits his time working between Taormina, Sicily and long stays in Patmos, trying to preserve a way of seeing and thinking out of a personal distance.



2017 May 2nd Skin, Spaccio Milano, Milan

2016 October 2nd Skin, Alson Gallery, Milan

2016 Totem and Sicily, Blue Royal Gallery, Taormina

2015 Masks, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Miami Art Basel (for Lucifer Vir Honestus)

2014 Sicilian Pop Baroque, Unconventional Gallery, Taormina

2011 July-August Ultra Beauty, Stavraka House, Patmos

2010 August Life on Petra Beach, Petra Beach Installation, Patmos

2006 August Cool Concept Point, 2CPoint Exhibition Space, Patmos 


2016 September Ordinary Alien, City Gallery, Vercelli

2011 December-2012 January S, M, L XL, Vamiali's Gallery, Athens

2010 August PAI (Child), Old School Chora, Patmos

2006 August Re-Made in Patmos, Old School Chora, Patmos

2003 CamON, PEAM 2003, Artificialia Gallery, Pescara

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