Born in the beautiful village of Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy, it's easy to see why NAKI might be inspired by the great outdoors. But, it was in fact a traditional British fisherman in Brighton (England) who inspired this young artist to begin a series of 'beardy bear' characters.

Original Watercolours & Pastels

The cast of beardy bear characters in NAKI's collection is eclectic and wholesome.

They all seem to enjoy the outdoor life - doing all the things that we'd like to do.

For available watercolours and pastels by NAKI, click here.

Original Works on Wood

Stunning paintings in oil, enamel and acrylic on smooth wooden panels. All of these examples are already sold, but NAKI is very happy to undertake a unique commisssion especially for you. 

To enquire about commissioning, please send a message here


Affordable Limited Edition and Open Edition prints allow you to extend your art collection with something a little bit special without breaking the budget. An inexpensive way to decorate your home or buy as personal gifts for friends and family. For available prints by NAKI, click here.

Original Ceramics

One-off, hand-made sculptures of the NAKI characters in clay. Created using unfired clay, then painted by hand.

For available ceramic sculptures by NAKI, click here.

Exhibitions, Commissions & Timeline


2016 December Permanent Exhibition, OIR Barber Shop, Milan

2016 August, Solo Show, Pagina 27 Libreria, Cesenatico

2016 June Arte Sotto al Bicchiere, Type, Milan

2015 November Naki's Barber Shop, Metropolitan Curiosity Café, Milan

2015 October Ammiragli e Malandrini (Admirals & Marauders) ONOarte, Bologna

2015 June Woof!, LeccoMilano, Milan


2017 June Illustrious Illustration, J.White Framing, London

2016 November Uno Sguardo in Mostra, USN Expo, Cagliari

2016 November To The Stars, Paratissima XII, Turin

2016 November Red Bull Canvas Cooler Artlab, Turin

2016 November Tittoni Art Fair (Fiera Dell'Arte Accessibile), Villa Tittoni, Monza

2016 September QuintoQuarto: Timmerman!, Palazzina 7, Milan

2016 September Parbleu! Mostra Jamais Vu, Palazzo delle Orsoline, Fidenza

2016 June Paint It Loud Festival, for JAR & Amnesty International Milan

2015 May La Mostra Della Carte da Gioco (Sui Biglietti dell'ATM), Milan

2014 July Whakiti MUDEC, Milan


2016 June The Big Food Festival campaign poster, Milan

2016 IF Bags, In-Store Design, Milan

2015 June The Big Food Festival campaign poster, Milan

2015 IF Bags, In-Store Design, Milan


1987 Born in Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como

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