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London Urban Artist PINS paints Lipweed mural at LeccoMilano Bar

Updated: Mar 20

Über Urban Artist PINS recently travelled to Milan - city of fashion, cars and a surprising amount of decent street art. He was commissioned by LeccoMilano bar - one of the hottest night spots in the area - to customise their interior walls. Click on the PINS logo to see the results

Urban Artist PINS paints Lipweed mural at Lecco Milano bar

PINS artist used Montana Colors spray paints for large surface area coverage and Molotow Markers for finer details to create this unique mural featuring his own 'Lipweed®' motif - growing and climbing organically across the bench area of LeccoMilano bar. You can see the art in person by visiting LeccoMilano, Via Lecco 5, Porta Venezia, Milan.

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