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White City Gallery welcomes new artist Stacey Williamson-Michie

Updated: Mar 20

White City Gallery is delighted to announce that London-based papercut artist Stacey Williamson-Michie has joined our portfolio. Stacey is best known for her intricate original papercuts, but is also a talented watercolour artist.

'The Third Phase' an original papercut by Stacey Williamson-Michie

Following in the illustrious footsteps of Henri Matisse and more recently Rob Ryan, Stacey has been using the centuries-old art of papercutting to create complex silhouette designs and scenes which take many hours of painstaking and delicate precision cutting with a very sharp scalpel-like knife.

The process begins with an original hand-drawn picture on paper which can be corrected and perfected before any cutting commences. Once the unwanted paper has been excised, the beautiful images are revealed, and thrown into silhouette clarity using a contrasting backing layer. Labour intensive, but therapeutic - the many hours spent over the cutting board allow Stacey's imagination to wander and dream up her next fantastical image...

'The Star Catcher' an original papercut by Stacey Williamson-Michie

Multi talented Stacey (she is also a highly accomplished make-up artist) has recently been working on a series of tarot-inpired images in watercolour:

'The Empress' an original watercolour by Stacey Williamson-Michie

Click any of these two images to view more of Stacey's art on the White City Gallery website.

Welcome Stacey! We look forward to sharing your creative process with the world!

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