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Suffolk Artist David Porteous-Butler Joins White City Gallery Portfolio

Updated: Mar 20

We are delighted to announce that renowned British artist David Porteous-Butler has joined the White City Gallery family of artists.

David is best known for his distinctive oil paintings created using palette knives, but he is also a sculptor and keen photographer.

David has travelled and painted extensively in Italy, including the Northern lakes.

A heavily textured oil painting of the harbour wall at Stintino in Sardinia by David Porteous-Butler. The foreground is a deep blue sea, while in the midground a lone fisherman sits patiently on the harbour wall. The upper third portion of the painting has a tall white sail jutting into a cloudless blue sky from behind the harbour wall
'Harbour, Stintino' by David Porteous-Butler. Oil on canvas 80x60cm

With his studio in Suffolk, England, David doesn't have to travel far to find inspiration for his work. However, a serious case of wanderlust has taken him to the far flung corners of the earth.

Have a look at David's pages on the White City Gallery website to see a wider range of his work.

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