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2nd Skin Exhibition - Maurizio Lo Castro

Updated: Mar 20

White City Gallery is proud to present '2nd Skin' by Maurizio Lo Castro

This collection of exquisitely executed heads and masks - second skins - provides a thought-provoking and eye-catching display, forcing the viewer to confront their personal comfort levels and deepest, darkest thoughts. What mask are you wearing today? Who is the real you? What is going on inside your head? Who or what are you portraying today? What's real? What's fake?

Lo Castro recognises that we all wear masks or 'second skins' on a daily basis, whether consciously or sub-consciously, by choice or by force. Sometimes for protection, a guard, sometimes for pleasure - a fantasy. It can be a temporary change, something which allows us to experience life and interaction with other people from a different perspective and then at will change back or choose a different persona. It can be a permanent life-changing new face - consider plastic surgery for example - which forever alters the way others perceive us.

Whether it's the uniform we wear to work each day, the way we've applied our make-up, fixed our hair, dressed ourselves, styled our beard etc., we are all playing with different skins throughout our lives. We are chameleons.

In particular, 2nd Skin explores the themes, codes and symbology of the BDSM culture, role play, and the freedoms and restrictions which second skins provide us with. Lo Castro's 2nd Skin project is an ongoing and evolving affair taking in religious, political, social, sexual, cultural, celebrity and fashion elements.

You can see the current incarnation of '2nd Skin' in the flesh at:

SpaccioMilano concept store

Via Lazzaro Palazzi 11

Porta Venezia

Milano 20124

The exhibition runs from 8-20th May 2017

Monday-Saturday 14:00-21:00

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