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Say 'Allo to ALUA

Updated: Mar 20

White City Gallery is happy to announce that we have a very exciting young artist from Calabria in Southern Italy, currently making pink waves in Milan, in the Italian press and globally on social media platforms.

Image: 'Animal Love' by ALUÀ - Original Acrylic on Canvas (featureless pink man holding similarly featureless Dalmation puppy)

ALUÀ (Christian Aloi) is a young street artist with a social conscience. Like the pop art greats before him, his work at once makes you smile and think. There's a message, and it's POSITIVE!

Best known for his little pink men, these #ominorosa have been popping up on the streets of Milan and London for the last few years - in some areas they seem #omnipresent - every corner you turn you bump into one of these friendly images like little guardian angels of the neighbourhood.

Some of them literally have heavenly wings!

Christian's message is clear: there is someone looking out for you. Whether you are feeling alone, abandoned, fleeing your war-torn homeland or afflicted by some natural disaster to personal conflict, there is hope and it is just around the corner...

'Muri' by Christian Aloi (also known as Aluà) A single pink figure builds a awl which divides the people and causes sadness

The cheery, positive pink of the central character is enough to counter-balance any negative aspect of his artworks, and makes for an eye-catching hook into the narrative.

Current 'darker' topics include:

Division - Trump's 'Mexican Wall'

Survival against the odds - refugees crossing the Mediterranean

Death and Destruction: villages flattened by earthquakes in Italy

Vices: Drug addiction and carnivores!

Balancing that, we have a good dose of animal love - who can resist a puppy? - and celebrations of the diversity of love itself.

The last couple of years have seen frenetic commercial activity from Aluà, with many exhibitions bringing his art from the street into the gallery and thus into the realm of sales, collectors and investors.

His ongoing series of serious work "Humanity: Good or Bad?" has produced three acclaimed public manifestations already and has garnered a flurry of press coverage.

The current exhibition, in Milan's infamous LeccoMilano bar in the trendy quarter of Porta Venezia was a virtual sold-out show within days of opening. This brand new offering gives the opportunity of purchasing an authentic 'street art' style original work form Aluà in his mixed media / collage format on canvas.

White City Gallery is about to showcase a selection of original Aluà work in London...

Save the date: 22nd June 2017

Venue: John White Framing

Address: 498 Latimer Road, W10 6RD

Tubes: White City & Latimer Road

More details as we have them! Subscribe to the White City Gallery website to be kept up-to-date with all things ALUÀ and more.

Meanwhile... see out some of of Aluà's street art in Hackney, London or Milan (recently voted the world's top destination for a weekend break!) and click here to see more Aluà artworks available to buy.

Happy art-trailing!

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