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'Love is Love' - Alua in Milan

Milan-based street artist Aluà continues his very busy year with yet another solo exhibition, this time at MONO Bar in Milan's Porta Venezia district.

Coinciding with 'Milano Pride' festival, the exhibition aimed to highlight that love IS love, whether it's between man and woman, man and man, woman and woman or otherwise!

Spectrum of Love' by Aluà. Mixed Media

Featuring his famous Ominorosa (pink people) is a variety of scenes, each artwork packed a powerful punch in the fight for equality and respect for love in different flavours.

'Heavenly Love' by Aluà. Mixed Media

In a development from his previous exhibition, each piece is this collection has been executed with a free-form cut-out style, mirroring Aluà's street art 'stencil' technique. Mounted on stiff card, the paintings seem to float on the wall giving a 3D effect.

'Over the Moon' by Aluà. Mixed Media

Aluà's little pink people can be seen all over the streets of central Milan, adorning the wall of offices, home and public buildings. For some suggestions for where to begin your ominorosa art trail, click here.

'Love is Love' by Aluà. Mixed Media

'Together in Love' by Aluà. Mixed Media

'Love Triangle' by Aluà. Mixed Media

'Smothered in Love' by Aluà. Mixed Media

'Drunk in Love' by Aluà. Mixed Media

'Angel of Love' by Aluà. Mixed Media

'Love is Love' exhibition at MONO Bar, Porta Venezia, Milan

The 'Love is Love' exhibition runs from 21-30 June 2017 at MONO Bar, corner of Via Lecco / Via Panfilo Castaldi.

For artwork availability and prices, please contact Lecco Gallery.

To view more work by Aluà, click here

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