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Happy Hour with NAKI at EGO Cocktails in Milano

Updated: Mar 20

NAKI was very happy to receive a call from EGO Fine Cocktails & Sprits Bar in Milan commissioning a series of exclusive images for their brand new cocktail menu...

The new cocktail menu designed by NAKI for EGO Fine Cocktails & Spirits Bar, Milan
The new EGO cocktail menu designed by NAKI

Inspired by NAKI's hugely popular watercolour 'Happy Birthday Mr President' (which is available as high quality A4 and A3 prints), the bar wanted to continue the nautical / maritime / sexy sailor theme...

Muscled mermen, beardy captains and sexy shipmates entice you to try their delicious concoctions crafted from the finest ingredients and spirits. Will you be lured on to the rocks by the sirens?

NAKI was honoured to have a cocktail named after her!

The 'NAKI Mule' cocktail at EGO bar in Milan
The 'NAKI Mule' cocktail at EGO

During Happy Hour ('aperitivo time' in Milan), drinks are served with a selection of tasty nibbles with a salty tang to keep you sipping. From 6pm...

Happy Hour at EGO drinks at EGO Bar, Milan
Happy Hour at EGO

Meanwhile, you can sit and admire a display of NAKI's prints on the walls of the bar...

whilst you ponder your next cocktail...

EGO Bar in Milan's signature cocktail menu
EGO's signature cocktails...

You can find the cosy and quiet EGO Fine Cocktails and Spirits Bar at:

2, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 20143 Milano, Italy - it's right on the Pavese canal in the Naviglio district near the junction with the Darsena del Naviglio (nearest metro: Porta Genova)

+39 02 3981 1100

To see the full range of NAKI prints, including 'Happy Birthday Mr President', click here

For NAKI originals click here

To commission your own unique NAKI original, send your message here

Instagram: @ecococktails @leccogallery @naki_illustration

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