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Welcome to the HERE AFTER!

White City in west London is rapidly gaining another new identity and status thanks to all of the development and re-development of the past few years - and there's still much more to come in the near future.

Already with an illustrious past - Olympic Stadium and Franco-British Exhibition (1908) [which gave White City its name], dog racing track (1927-1984), BBC White City (1990-2015) and more recently the opening of the huge Westfield White City shopping mall (2008), White City is about to enter an exciting new era as the focal point of London's artistic and creative community.

The old BBC Television studios are soon to re-open after a major modernisation and, within the same development, hundreds of luxury apartments, a Soho House Hotel and a slew of high-end restaurants bars and boutiques.

It's as if movers and shakers from across the capital are being beckoned by a signal broadcast from the statue of Helios in the centre of the iconic 60's donut building.

Visually, things are already transforming on a large scale as new high-rise architecture springs up all around and the landscape gets re-shaped once more.

At ground level, a pleasant, colourful surprise recently manifested at the site of the defunct petrol station next to the tube station.

"Welcome to Here After" a pink sign says - informing us that this major paint-job is indeed an art installation, and not just a random 'vandalising' of the former forecourt and snack shop.

Bold colours and geometric forms allude to the 'test card' once used on the BBC television service and traditional petrol station signage...

Sounds waves, light waves, curvy and straight as an arrow - both represented in the dynamic shapes of the design, by Craig & Karl of White Noise.

One thing is certain, the direction is forwards to the future!

To visit this striking new art space, simply turn right when you emerge from White City underground station - it's just a few meters away. Or, from Wood Lane station, also turn right and walk for a couple hundred meters.

It is certainly a transformation from abandoned petrol station to vibrant art installation, and a welcome sign for the bright future of White City.

Craig & Karl's design was painted by Global Street Art in collaboration with local residents from the White City and Wood Lane Estates. Illumination by White City Signs.

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