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Leonardo Lives!

Updated: Mar 20

Every now and then, particularly when I'm in Italy, but not always, I am stopped in my tracks by the sight of a person who appears to be a living example of a character from a Leonardo da Vinci drawing or painting.

Have a look at this:

A man in Milan who looks remarkably like a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

Time Traveller? Separated at Birth?

Fans of da Vinci will be familiar with his 'Bust of a Man' (held by the Royal Collection Trust, but recently on loan at the Queens Gallery, Edinburgh) :

'The Bust of a Man' by Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

But you may never have met his doppelgänger - last spotted in Milan, but he may have gone hiking... Is it just my wild imagination, or has this chap inherited some genes passed down more than 500 years? Surely not a coincidence as we are talking about Milan - a city where da Vinci spent 17 years... (1482-1499)

Image of a random man on a train, Milan (2017)

Do you know this man? Maybe it's you?

Has this art phenomenon ever happened to you?

Comments below please!

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