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Deirdre Hyde Signals The Way - Okay?

In a departure from her familiar scenes of tropical rainforests and their inhabitants, Costa-Rica based artist Deirdre Hyde has presented a series of hand gesture paintings in a small format - very easy to 'handle'!

Rendered in rich, earthy tones, each piece focuses on a simple human hand signal.

Measuring just 40 x 40cm (16 x 16") each, the paintings are easy to hang individually or collect as a set.

The series explores non-verbal communication, language and meanings lost in translation. We may think that the hand signals we use in our own country / culture would be easily recognised and understood in other parts of world - but beware! Many commonly used gestures can have completely different meanings depending on where they are used, and could get you into trouble or result in you insulting or offending someone when you think you are doing the exact opposite.

The 'index' piece of the series is a larger painting featuring a grid of nine different poses, some of which feature on the smaller canvasses.

Click on the images for further details, or send a message to the gallery.

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