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How Deirdre Hyde's Painting Helped Las Cruces Biological Station, Costa Rica

Updated: Mar 20

Listen below to the SoundCloud podcast to hear how wildlife artist Deirdre Hyde has helped save an important tropical research station in the rainforest of Costa Rica with her painting...

The Organization for Tropical Studies Where Science and Nature Converge has three biological research stations in Costa Rica: Las Cruces, La Selva, and Palo Verde. Each of these centres of study are vitally important protected areas of intact forest where investigations into the diverse flora and fauna take place throughout the year.

Passionate conservationist and Artist Deirdre Hyde has been a champion of the natural environment her whole life and spent many years working as an interpretation consultant for the WWF, IUCN and Conservation International throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa.

A lush, diverse tropical rainforest scene with plant animal and plants species co-existing
Wilson Botanical Garden, Costa Rica - by Deirdre Hyde

Artist Deirdre Hyde (far right) poses in front of her painting of Wilson Botanical Garden at the Las Cruces Biological Station in Costa Rica
Deirdre Hyde with some of the team at Las Cruces

As an artist, Deirdre has spent a lifetime chronicling the threatened and endangered nature of Central America in the form of original paintings and hundreds of detailed illustrations for educational purposes.

To see more of Deirdre's artwork, click here.

To read more about the work of the Organization of Tropical Studies, click here.

Las Cruces Biological Station in Costa Rica, surrounded by rainforest. Photograph by Juan José Pucci

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