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Pluto Is Not A Planet, Except When You Want It To Be

Artist Mauricio Ortiz has long been reimagining the solar system with his fantasy constellations, celestial orbs and a series of iconic 'shell planet' paintings.

Expanding his range of available editions, Ortiz has released a new Limited Edition print by the name of Pluto. It features a dalmatian spotted cone shell, alone, isolated, floating in space like a distant planet.

Of course, there is no shell exactly like this. There is no planet exactly like this. It is for the artist to imagine and portray these other worlds where anything is possible. Where a tiny shell can be a planet, super huge and iconic, spinning almost silently through the universe - only the faint echo of a long-lost sea to keep it company.

This print is available to purchase now here.

70 x 70cm

Edition of 100

Archival quality pigment ink on Hannemühle Daguerre 400 gsm canvas

Shipping worldwide available

'A single object floating in the centre of the canvas like a planet in space: elemental and monolithic." - Mauricio Ortiz

"Shells... the unique whorls of shells are directed clockwise in perfect synchronisation with universal harmony. One of the most remarkable features of our solar system in that nearly all of the revolutions and rotations are in the same direction. From a point high above the 'north pole' of the solar system the planets are revolving about the sun and rotating about their axes in a counterclockwise direction. Shells are also said to contain the primordial sound of creation in OM, an echo of the Big Bang" - Mauricio Ortiz

"Once the image draws you in, other associations come to mind: from a planet in space to a specimen on a microscopic slide, the visual field is open to the imagination. These are objects devotion, visual mantras to bring the viewer into a deeper state of contemplation"

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