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Mauricio Ortiz Paints The Sky With Stars

Updated: Mar 20

Created on pairs of round boards to represent the Northern and Southern skies, these 'star maps' feature fantasy constellations and galaxies, as seen from an imaginary planet, Mauritium.

Galaxy of imaginary constellations. Mixed media on circular board by Mauricio Ortiz
'Constellation I' by Mauricio Ortiz

To commission an artwork like this, please send us a message with your request. Your own unique piece can be customised to suit your favourite theme or if you prefer, go for a more classic / traditional constellation of stars - the sky's the limit!

Galaxy of imagined constellations by Mauricio Ortiz. Mixed media on circular board
'Constellation II' by Mauricio Ortiz

Each tondo measures 70cm in diameter, and the background colour can be adapted to suit your theme or preference. Contact the gallery to start your dream work.

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