Original Painting

Acrylic on Canvas
Signed by the artist
40x40cm / 16x16" approx.

'Gestures III (stop)' by Deirdre Hyde

SKU: DH0033
  • The 'Outstretched Hand' gesture is one of the most easily recognised, usually meaning "stop" or "wait". It can also mean "back off", "don't talk to me" or "I'm not interested".

    Taken from a series of hand gesture paintings by Costa-Rica based artist Deirde Hyde, exploring non-verbal communication, language and meanings lost in translation.

    We may think that the hand signals we use in our own country / culture would be easily recognised and understood in other parts of world - but beware! Many commonly used gestures can have completely different meanings depending on where thay are used, and could get you into trouble or result in you insulting or offending someone when you think you are doing the exact opposite.


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