MAY 2017


'Our Lady' by Maurizio Lo Castro
'Our Lady' by Maurizio Lo Castro

Original Porcelain Sculpture with gold leaf, acrylic paint and black oxide finishes #Madonna #AntonelloDaMessina

'Burqa Disco'
'Burqa Disco'

Original Porcelain sculpture by Maurizio Lo Castro with epoxy resin and a LOT of glitter #BurnThisDiscoDown #ReligiousFreedom

'Usami' by Maurizio Lo Castro (black).jpg
'Usami' by Maurizio Lo Castro (black).jpg

Original Porcelain Sculpture with gold leaf, glazes and black oxide finishes #UseMeAbuseMe



We are very excited to announce the opening our new solo exhibition with Sicilian artist Maurizio Lo Castro. 8th - 20th May 2017


The show is being held at new concept store SpaccioMilano in Milan's Porta Venezia district and will feature an edited selection of work from Maurizio's 2nd Skin collection. An expanded range of Maurizio's unique sculptures can be found in the ARTISTS drop-down menu above...


Hailing from Sicily - a melting pot of traditions, folklore and legend - Lo Castro's creative spirit has been informed with layer upon layer of cultural influences and artistic inspirations. Continuing with his body of sculptural works which completely contemporize the classic Testa di Moro ceramic heads found on the Italian Island, Lo Castro's latest collection explores the worlds of BDSM (Bondage Discipline/Dominance, Submission/Sadism, Masochism) and religion.


The porcelain masks are akin to a Second Skin, allowing both the wearer and the viewer to experience the world from a different perspective. By taking on a new persona or avatar, the participants are able to manipulate not only their physical appearance, but also free themselves from the restrictions of typical societal identities and roles. Emotions can be enhanced, feelings amplified, perceptions challenged and fears confronted. Whether we are consicious of them or not, the skins we wear are loaded with symbology and they affect our behaviour with mysterious codes of conduct.


These exquisitely executed sculptures are at once erotic, provocative, beautiful and powerful. Please enquire for further details and subscribe to be kept up-to-date automatically)          

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