JULY 2017




Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means long days, blue skies and a chance to set sail and explore the wide open sea...

If you are lucky, you can do it for 'real' or failing that, from the comfort of your own home with the help of art and the unlimited scope of your imagination.


Since the beginning of history, artists have always been inspired by bodies of water, whether that be the vast and mighty oceans, shimmering lakes, sparkling rivers or tranquil ponds in gardens. It's no different today, and with so much human migration and exploration there's an endless supply of legends, folklore and salty tales to tap into as well as the bounty of shifting shapes and colours that nature herself provides so effortlessly.

'Merman Green' by NAKI - a muscular, moustachioed, tattooed merman with a green tail
'Silver Star' by Mauricio Ortiz - an etching of sea star (starfish) on a zinc plate
'Merman Blue' by NAKI - a muscular, moustachioed, tattooed merman with a blue tail and red fins

Take a relaxing paddle through the pages of the Lecco Gallery website to see how each of our artists have expressed their interpretation of water with maritime and nautical images. 

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