'Thursday's Child' by Stacey Williamson-Michie
'Thursday's Child' by Stacey Williamson-Michie

Original Papercut

'Leopalicious' by PINS
'Leopalicious' by PINS

Limited Edition Print

'De Sade' by Maurizio Lo Castro
'De Sade' by Maurizio Lo Castro

Original Porcelain Sculpture



Paintings and sculptures deserve at least a second glance. Some warrant multiple viewings, and others keep us transfixed and engaged for many years.

The magic of an artist is to create an image that can put you under a spell, transport you to another place and make you see the world through different eyes. Teleportation, transformation and metamorphosis...

The point is, art can work on many levels and contain multiple layers, some hidden, some more obvious. Exercise your powers of observation to reveal the complexities that the artist has woven into an exquisitely powerful creation.

'Day of the Dead' by Stacey Williamson-Michie
'Self Portrait' by Mauricio Ortiz - an oil painting of the artist's face on a black background

In October, the clocks go back, days get shorter, nights get longer and the winds of change bring a chill to the air. Embrace the spooky season by exploring the darker side of art. Everything looks better in black, right? So, what are you frightened of?

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